ARISE focuses on promoting positive Mental and Physical wellbeing to achieve a state of wellness

Mental Health


Positive mental health is central to economic success.

Due to the disparities associated with mental health, ARISE aims to convey the importance of looking after ones psychological wellbeing and strives to break the associated stigmas around mental health, medication and therapy within the community by stimulating discussions.

This is achieved through increasing awareness of conditions which can affect ones mental state, signposting service users to the appropriate health care professional and approved resources for self help whilst adopting a culturally sensitive approach.


We have a team of welfare officers who can be a listening ear for our service users if needed.


They are not experts or counsellors but are there to offer support, listen and help prevent loneliness without judgement.

As well as mental health struggles we promote self love and positive self esteem.

ARISE works in line with Leicester's current health and wellbeing strategy to improve mental health and emotional resilience within the black community. This is done by promoting the emotional wellbeing of children, parents and all service users. We encourage people to speak up and speak out. 




Physical Health

Those of African or Afro-Carribean descent are at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure and having a stroke compared to other ethnic groups. They are also amongst those more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes versus the rest of the population.

For this reason, ARISE aims to increase awareness of the risks, the causes and non-pharmacological management through education.

This is achieved by encouraging the black community to adopt a more active lifestyle and by reducing other modifiable risk factors.


We highlight the importance of healthy eating for families and tailor it to the needs of the community by incorporating cultural foods.

Sessions are either virtual or in person. We also promote healthy lifestyles through various activities we hold. We make them fun to keep the children engaged.

We do swimming lessons for the children also at Aylestone Leisure centre as we strongly believe this is a fundamental lifeskill which should be accessible for all.