Melanin Mamas of Leicester


The Melanin Mama's of Leicester is a free of charge support group for the black mother. 

It was started in August 2019 by Jennifer due to what she felt like was a lack of representation of black mothers at baby and toddler groups and lack of external support specific to the needs of black mothers.

The aim of this group is to be a support network for the black mum, to share experiences, connect with local mums,  and most importantly be able to raise confident happy children freely without having to consciously tone down who they are due to stereotypes and unapologetically be themselves without being judged.

In the group, we embrace the mother and child, accept everyones differences, but gather strength and join together knowing that we are all black mothers just wanting the best life for ourselves and our kids. We strive to change the narrative of the black woman and mother by increasing positive representation not segregation.

Motherhood can be lonely and scary, especially given the disparities linked with maternal health. 

Hence why this support group empowers the ladies to know their rights and entitlements as mothers and mothers to be.

We have supported mums with weaning, healthy eating, post natal depression, low confidence, childcare issues, presentation of skin conditions in darker skin, bereavement, unemployment, becoming more active, sleep training, potty training as well as improving self esteem and body positivity for the children. 

The network is predominantly based on WhatsApp. There is no age restriction on the mamas and children that join, nor is there a fee.

Meet ups

The Melanin mama's meet up a minimum of once a month in differing locations. This is normally announced on the WhatsApp group in advance.

Events include things such as but not limited to; swimming, visits to museums, parks, farms, buggy walks, hikes and soft play.

We aim to normalise activities where black people are not often represented.