Meet The Founder


Hello and thank you for stopping by on this website.

My name is Jennifer and I am a specialist hospital pharmacist based in Leicester, wife and mother of 1.

My perinatal period encompassed many emotions and hurdles which through the support of family and friends I was able to overcome.

 However, from speaking to people I knew this was not the reality for most mothers.

It was then that I started doing my research into the inequalities faced by the black community and decided to turn it into a project focusing on maternal health and wellbeing.

This was the beginning of the Melanin Mama's of Leicestershire.

Engaging with others who were also advocating for change drew the focus to education, so it made sense to tackle all 3 of these areas together.  This led to the birth of ARISE in August 2020

ARISE for me represents change, unity, positivity and the future. The name itself shows drive as we are ready to rise up and stand for change.

Since starting this project, others who share the same goal have come on board all to inspire change.